Meeting Mr. Originals

  Shervin Mokri Recently I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with one of Calgary’s newest artist Shervin Mokri A.k.a  Mr. Originals. Although I’ve known Shervin for years, I decided to call this entry “Meeting Mr. Originals”  because getting to know Shervin Mokri (The Person) & meeting Mr. Originals (The Artist ), feel like two different experiences. It’s almost as if […]


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    F L y P a p E r   “Ya, you see everyday all the people standing at the train station Left, right, left, right, left, right   We don’t talk to each other now, what an alien nation Up, tight, up, tight, up, tight I hope one day some things can get […]

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‘Life In Knots’

  FINALLY The Moment Of Truth…   THE GIRLS IN TIE SERIES IS DONE!!   And I’m pretty happy about it. 🙂 Although it is now January 1, Which means I did not get everything done before the new year like I originally wanted to. But what can I say, Life Happens. & Hey, at least […]

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