Meeting Mr. Originals


Shervin Mokri

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with one of Calgary’s newest artist Shervin Mokri A.k.a  Mr. Originals.

Although I’ve known Shervin for years, I decided to call this entry Meeting Mr. Originals”  because getting to know

Shervin Mokri (The Person) & meeting Mr. Originals (The Artist ), feel like two different experiences.

It’s almost as if they’re different personalities, with Mr. Originals being the Guiding Consciousness

to a Wandering Soul, as they Channeling each other to survive.

With their Create-Or-Succumb philosophy, each piece of art is packed full of Color & Emotion,

giving you a glimpse into the Creators Mind.

If you’d like to see more of  Mr. Originals, check him out on
Facebook & Instagram


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