“Life Is Like The Ocean…”

Hmm… I was going to talk a lot during this post.  I Had this big intro planned out, telling you guys how I decided to do another “SneAK pEAk” buildup, by posting one picture at a time of each model, along with their favorite quote, all leading up to The Big Reveal.      Except,  you know,  not as dramatic as it sounds.

But now I’m thinking;  “intro… NaaAh!”

So Without Further Ado 😉

Our First Model

From ‘That Nameless Series About Girls In Ties’ (wow.. I think I just found our title),

is actually one of those familiar faces I was talking about:

Anne Cardona!!


When I asked Anne if there was a quote she found she identified with most as a person.  Although it took her a couple of days to answer(as most good questions do), she finally came up with “Life is like the Ocean” – Justice Cabral.
I  haven’t known Anne for very long, but having met her I can honestly say that this quote is pretty spot on.  Not necessarily in it’s content, but in that fact that It’s very relatable & comforting, and in a way, that suits her personality pretty perfectly. Which in itself, is kind of cool.


Life Is Like THe Ocean

“Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it’s always beautiful.”

–  Justice Cabral






More Photos and Quotes from the other models Coming Soon ;p

To check out our previous post

about Anne, Click Here



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